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I like to make cool and creative stuff. My design stash is always full of refreshing ideas. Feel free to take a look around my portfolio.

  • Ognjen Marceta
  • January 11, 1992
  • ognjenmarcheta@gmail.com
  • +387 66 752 888
  • ognjen.marceta.92
  • www.ognjenmarceta.com

Portfolio update soon!

Hello world! I was really busy with a lot of projects working on and I still am, but somehow i finally catch some time to update my portfolio which is cooming soon. There are many interesting projects counting up to ±25. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Games, Apps, Plugins. A lot of work I'm proud with. See ya soon!

Won 3rd place, in M:Tel Company Competition!

M:Tel Company awarded three participant for each category. Category's where Education and social responsibility, Tourism and catering, Fun and free idea. I won 3rd place in Tourism and Catering, with BL RIDE application.

Application is targeted for Banja Luka city tourist's and citizen's. It show's all city bus routes, in very sample and easy to use interface. Congrats to other participiant's!

New game is under development

After a long break, i finally decied to start my own game project. I had this idea for a long time and after some research i also found a style for my game. I call it "lowpoly style" wich is very popular lately not just in games but in art general.

I will not revereal the gameplay and story of game yet, but it should include a lot of blood and funny adult humor. This game will be for adults only, because of explicit gameplay. Something like GTA or some other PEGI 18 game but in cute cartoon style. It should relive players of everyday stress.

My Website is alive!

This should be done, long time ago. But i never had time to focus on my site. Well now is done and i hope you like it. It should represent my CV, there is also this blog where i will post things like tutorials, tips or some other interesting stuff.

Site include some basic info of me, my resume, blog, portfolio and contact page. There will be also download page in future where i will share some code,art or something else that belongs to developing apps and games. If you have some suggestion or objection contact cheap rolex me, also if you need an game/app developer you should do the same.


  • Game/App Developer2014- Present


    Developing games and apps.

  • Game Developer2014-2014


    Developing augmented reality apps and games.

  • Game/App Developer2013- 2014

    Enter Active World Inc.

    I was lead game developer in this company. For most time i worked with C# and Unity Engine. I also worked on applications with rest of programmers. Main concepts where augmented reality applications and games, virtual reallity (such is Oculus Rift).

  • Data Entry Clerk / UI Designer2012-2012


    I was part of team wich developed iOS/Android application for this company.

  • Surveyor2011 - 2011


    This is actually my first employment after i finished school. Not very related to my current career.


  • Computer ProgrammingFuture


    I have in my plan to finish much more than this, but i have to do it step by step.

  • Programmer/DeveloperPresent

    Internet/Books/Tutorials/Job Experience

    Every day i learn something new while i'm working or practicing.

  • Construction Technician2008-2011


    Beside math and regular classes, we were learning Descriptive Geometry, 3D Modeling, Architecture. jam tangan replika breitling

Graphics and media skills

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • Corel Draw

  • Blender3D

Programming Skills

  • C#

  • Unity3D

  • C++

  • Wordpress

  • Java

Design Skills

  • Game Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Web design

  • Print Design

Download resume as PDF format
Some of the projects i'm proud with [Unfortunately i don't have time to update portfolio, right now]

Contact info

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka

  • Email: ognjenmarcheta@gmail.com
  • Phone: +387 66 752 888
  • Website: www.ognjenmarceta.com

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